Extra Mile Award
By John Lu

The Extra Mile Award ceremony was held at the Abbracciamento Restaurant in Rego Park on March 25, 2007.  The event organized by the Triboro Diversity Committee and hosted by Ms. Zaidee Vasquez. The Extra Mile Award is given to hard working postal employees.  Lily Jung Burton summed up their effort best when she said, “for improving our work environment by showing enthusiasm and having a positive attitude…your reliability and commitment help the United States Postal Service meet customer expectation.”  Approximately, 70 people attended the ceremony and 41 postal employees got the award. The guests included Edward Rudolph, the Manager of Associate Offices; Brooklyn Postmaster Joseph Chiossone, Flushing Postmaster William Rogers, Jamaica Postmaster James Burns, Queens P&DC Manager Gloria Reid, and Marketing Manager Catherine Cassidy.
Ms. Evelyn Bethea sung the National Anthem to open the ceremony.  Diversity Development Specialist Judith Matzio gave a remarkable speech; saying, “This ceremony is recognition for your excellent performance. Day to day; month to month, no matter there is rain; snow and heat, every one of you worked conscientiously. Today it is time to thank to you. I wish have a great day”.
The awards ceremony was next, with postmasters and managers giving out the Extra Mile Award to their employees.  Clara Piepes, a mail handler of Queens P&DC showed great emotions on receiving the award, saying she was very excited for getting it, loves her job and will keep going.   SPBS clerk Mr. Gerard Martensen said he always had everyone working together, relying on each other to get the work done.  Supervisor Steve Chance of Queens P&DC is a 22 year veteran, who treats his employees fairly and with respect.  He used different methods to motivate the employees to strive for the best.  George Young, a supervisor for 23 years, thought the recognition encouraged employees to enthusiastically contribute to the work daily because now, we will not only hear about the numbers, but also receive awards.
Everyone enjoyed the delicious Italian food as well as Ms. Evelyn Bethea’s beautiful voice. The ceremony gave everyone a deep impression. Jackson Heights letter carrier Cynthia Chow said that she thought there are a lot of co-workers better than her.  These awards give her and the entire Post Office a common goal of striving to be better. 

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